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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa

The department is immensely proud of having a well qualified and dynamic group of academics, well capable of 'passing the torch so to speak. Having earned a good degree of recognition among the academic community for their contributions towards the betterment of the field, as educators of the chemical and process engineering discipline, they are easily approachable and are ever willing to address student issues, whatever they may be.

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Undergraduate Courses


Students are selected for the BSc in Chemical & Process Engineering (CPE) course on the basis of their performance at the first year first semester examination and their individual preferences. Up to 2009, the number of admissions to the department which was restricted to 50 students has been expanded to 80 from the 2009 intake onwards. In the CPE degree program, three minor specialization streams are offered from the 2009 intake onwards to the students after completion of their second year of study. Read More...

Postgraduate Courses


These are two year postgraduate courses with one year of lectures and one year of project work. The courses are designed as a part-time course for students holding degrees in science and engineering to get a post graduate qualification in Chemical Engineering and Polymer Technology. Read More...

Profesional Ethics


As chemical and process engineering professionals we should not only have to focus on the working activities but also we have the responsibility towards the society to follow certain standards when the carrying out a work. That means as professionals we are valuing the projects quantity along with its quality. Read More...