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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa

The postgraduate taught courses in the Chemical and Process Engineering Department are designed as part-time courses for students holding degrees in science and engineering. The course duration is two years with one year of lectures and one year of research project work. There are two postgraduate taught programmes currently running.

M.Sc./ PG Dip in Sustainable Process Engineering 

This programme focuses on the development of sustainable processes in terms of new processes and revamping or retrofitting existing sub optimal processes. Simultaneous analysis of energy, environmental aspects and process technology aspects will be considered as key areas. Specialization is given in broad subject areas of computer aided dynamic process modeling, process control, combustion and safety, biological processes, membrane technology, computational fluid dynamics.

Intended graduates will find employments in the chemical and process industry. They are also expected to play a key role in regional industrial development initiatives. The aim of the programme is to enhance knowledge of process development professionals so that they can initiate changes within the industrial development framework. They will also be critical in spear heading the national industrial development policy in Sri Lanka. Graduates from this programme will be qualified for admission to doctoral studies in foreign Universities.

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M.Sc./ PG Dip in Polymer Technology  

This programme gives individuals and industrial professionals the opportunity to develop their expertise in polymers, rubbers, plastics and their composites and blends. The programme is conducted on part-time basis, enabling you to continue your carrier while gaining further knowledge and qualifications. This programme consists of a combination of compulsory modules and optional modules and a research project. The duration is 02 years. However after the first year you may exit the programme obtaining the Postgraduate Diploma. The programme runs on a semester basis. The first year consists of three semesters where various modules are taught by way of lectures, practical sessions and assignments.

The examinations of some modules are held at the end of each semester. Some modules are continuously assessed entirely based on course works. All lectures, practical sessions, presentations, industrial visits and examinations will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

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