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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa

 Research Tittle Development of a Novel Biological Decolourization System for Treatment of Textile Effluent
 Research Student

H.Gimhani Madhushika

Research summary

Textile industry is one of the major component in Sri Lankan manufacturing sector, provides huge contribution to country’s economy. However, this industry is considered as one of the largest water consumers in the world and produces coloured effluents composed of various pollutants, specially unfixed dyes. Dyes containing effluents are difficult to treat with conventional effluent treatment methods therefore, require special techniques which are economically unfeasible. Thus, as a solution to the problems emerged with the currently available physical and chemical treatment techniques, biological effluent treatment methods can be introduced to theSri Lankan textile industry. The aim of this project is to identify dye decolourizing microorganisms and to evaluate the effectiveness of biological method in decolourisation of textile effluent.

Supervisors Dr. Sanja Gunawardena, Dr. Thilini Ariyadasa