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The meeting of Department Industry Consultative Board (DICB) was held on 29th September at 3.00 pm in the board room of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Moratuwa. Industry specialists representing a wide variety of industries including Hayleys, Glaxo Smith Kline, JAT Holdings, Phoenix, Ceylon Biscuits Limited, IFS, Holcim and Tritech Engineers participated in the meeting, along with a staff member of the Training Division and the academic staff members of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering. Few training students also participated.

The objectives of this meeting was to improve the network between university and the industry, and to identify the improvements which can be done in the areas; curriculum, training, industrial collaborations and learning environment so that our graduates are well equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the industry. The meeting was chaired by Dr. P. G. Rathnasiri and contained four sessions on the above areas. Industry specialists made a number of suggestions such as the importance of having a preparatory week before training, delivering industrial services by the department and improving the networking among alumni members. They also gave their insight on the management core modules to be prioritized.

In short, DICB meeting was a productive step in the journey towards improving the collaboration between the department and the industry, and enhancing the skills and knowledge of our graduates to suit the requirements in the industry. 


International research collaboration and joint research supervision with National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) – Environmental Biotechnology, laboratory, Narbonne, France


MPhil student registered at UOM is currently conducting his experiment under internship offered by INRA. This student is jointly supervised by Dr. Michel Torrijos (Senior Research Engineer-INRA) and Dr. P.G. Rathnasiri from Department of Chemical and Process Engineering.  Research title is Improvement of efficiency of dry anaerobic co-digestion process for treatment of organic fraction of Municipal solid wastes.  Dr. Rathnasiri visited INRA, Narbonne, France during the period of 26th July- 4th August with the objective of further strengthening research collaboration and evaluation of student’s progress.  MOU is to be signed between INRA and UOM for further research collaboration and academic exchange.




Workshop on " Social evaluation techniques for community based  projects"


Professor Caroline Baille, Project Manager of “Australian-Sri Lankan University Partnerships to Develop Community-Based Waste Recycling Businesses” and Dr. Lee Patridge have

conducted a workshop on social evaluation techniques for community based  projects at the  Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Moratuwa on 05, 06 and 07th June 2017. The key purpose of Prof. Caroline’s visit was to discuss about the project progress evaluation with the Sri Lankan team and to work on the prospect education and training workshop on “Poverty reducing business solutions through waste based business solutions”.



Prof. NG Wun Jern  from Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute visits DCPE


Prof. NG Wun Jern  from Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute visited Department of Chemical and Process Engineering on 21 June 2017 to initiate research collaboration and projects related in wastewater/solid waste treatment.

Prof. NG Wun who is the director of NEWRI from Nanyang Technical University of Singapore visited Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, especially to explore the opportunities for future project and research collaboration. At the moment couple of students from DCPE are pursuing PhD at Nanyang Technical University.   


Yaya Padhura

Yaya Padhura, a musical evening organized by the level 1 undergraduates of the Chemical and Process Engineering Department, was held on the 8th of December 2016. The Head of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Dr. (Mrs.) S.H.P. Gunawardena graced the occasion along with the academic staff and the undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa.

The event showcased the talents and abilities of the undergraduates as well as the academic staff in a spectacle of song, dance and drama that invoked feelings of nostalgia for all to enjoy